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WELCOME TO ikkiPAINTS ™ PAINTING COMPANY,our HOME office are based in Tyler, Texas.we operate in different areas across the local area. So no matter where you're located, our painters make sure to deliver. Our skilled and efficient team members are able to offer you a wide variety of painting and decorating services. From touch-up jobs to entire property redesign, we provide a unique style and top-level quality control, just check out our reviews! So no matter the service you require, we are open Monday- Saturday0:500 untill 1600.

We don't waste time or money

Our painter and decorator services supply two things most can’t: speed and affordable prices. We hate wasting people’s time and that’s why, once we’ve created a time scope, we stick to it. We never leave a job unfinished or not up to a high quality standard, and we ensure a full package that benefits our clients to the fullest. Our prices are reasonable and as you pay for quality, that’s what you’ll get! As soon as you tell us your exact requirements, we tend to your needs directly and pull up a timescale and budget according to your requirements, all the while providing professional guidance and recommendations.

Our experienced staff

We always work closely with our clients, from the beginnings of their vision to its realisation, offering expert advice and guidance along the way. We keep up strong levels of communication with our clients, so that customer satisfaction is guaranteed. With many years of experience of painting and decorating in the local area, our professionals deliver a receptive, respectful, clean and responsible service. Besides, we love what we do and we’re sure you will too!


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